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Agrarisch bouwen

Binnen het assortiment sandwichpanelen heeft ArcelorMittal panelen die bijzonder geschikt zijn voor gebruik in de landbouw-, vee- en fruitteelt sector

Agrarisch bouwen

Bij sandwichpanelen voor dak en gevel zijn isolatie en duurzame coating twee van de belangrijkste punten in het productieproces van ArcelorMittal.

Agrarisch bouwen

ArcelorMittal sandwichpanelen zijn zeer geschikt voor o.a. rundveestallen, loodsen en andere agrarische gebouwen.

Sandwich wall panels

With sandwich wall panels from ArcelorMittal you can quickly and easily build and create an attractive facade, without compromising on energy efficiency, soundproofing and fire safety.

Sandwich wall panels with an airtight joint makes thermal responsible building possible. Isolation and durable coating are therefore two of the main items in the product development of ArcelorMittal.

The airtight construction of sandwich wall panels has many advantages:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Condensation prevention
  • Better comfort
  • Sound leak reduction
  • Improved fire safety


  • ArcelorMittal Pir Foam Sandwich wall pannel Promisol S1000

    Secret fixed

    Nominal core thickness mm 50 60 80 100 120 140 160
    Weight (kg/m2) 12,40 12,80 13,60 14,40 15,52 16,30 17,10
    Thickness external sheet (mm) 0,63
    Thickness internal sheet  (mm) 0,50
    Cover width (mm) 1000
    Coil Width (mm) 1185
    Max. length (mm) 15000
    Min. Length (mm) 200
    Insulation Core CFC-free PIR-foam
    Fire classification BS2d0
    Average acoustic performance
    U-value Uc (W/m2.K) 0,43 0,36 0,27 0,22 0,18 0,16 0,14
    Other information LPCB approved



ArcelorMittal offers the opportunity not only to be distinctive in terms of quality but also in appearance, with those issues coating and colour play an important role. The colour range of ArcelorMittal is practically infinite; the unprecedented symphony of colours and special effects allow you the create te finishing touch you were lokking for.

Coatings that can be used on sandwich panels offer, next to nice appearance, also a low impact on the environment, they are durable, offer an excellent combination with solar panels, are very good UV-resistant and have a long warranty period.

The ArcelorMittal sandwich panels are especially widely used in agricultural construction, fruit and livestock industry, food industry and all those areas where air-tightness is very important. 

Sandwich panels of ArcelorMittal are competitive in price and come with invisible fixing and visible fixing.